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In Amandola (FM), our hospital was badly hit and devestated. The hospital provides a vital role in our rural community and the surrounding villages where our next nearest hospital is an hour away. It must remain open and we will raise money and fight for this in spite of the region removing vital equipment the following day after the quake. Elderly residents rely on the hospital, some for daily treatment and it would be almost impossible to travel to the next nearest. The staff provide a wonderful service, including accident and emergency, radiology, physiotherapy, eye care, diabetes treatment and so much more. The mayor Adolfo Marinanigli is passionate about the hospital and is fighting alongside the people of Amandola to ensure our hospital is kept running. Just days after the earthquake, reconstruction work began and slowly some of the departments are being opened. We will continue to raise money for repairs as the service provided is essential in our community. La raccolta fondi è aperta su Crowdfunder

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